Clinical Reference Codes

Scanning a Clinical Reference Code™ is the new way to receive clinical information about the products and pharmaceuticals that you come in contact with on a daily basis. You can receive on-demand information about medical instructions, indications for use, contraindications, a drug guide, care instructions, video tutorials, or other forms of medical education by directly scanning our codes located on medical equipment, a product or its packaging.

Scanning also gives you the ability to contact company representatives, request a demo, request product samples, and connect with manufacturers or local representatives via facetime, google talk, or skype by scanning our proprietary code with your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android devices using the Clinicate app. Download the Clinicate app today to start scanning a Clinical Reference Code™ today!

More Clinical Information – More Accessible

Clinicate Scan allows companies to take advantage of the FDA guidance that the labeling of prescription devices intended for use by a healthcare professional may be made available solely by electronic means. Our proprietary Clinical Reference Code™ provides companies with the ability to take advantage of this guidance and completely eliminate the need for the mass production of paper instructions for use. Include a products ifu, contraindication, prescribing information, medication guide, important safety information, care instructions, drug guide, or other medical care instructions, all embedded within our Clinical Reference Code™.

Utilizing this feature, companies also have the ability to connect their customers with the right representatives, right away. Allow customers to contact field representatives or in house staff by phone, email, text, facetime, google hangouts, and skype by scanning our proprietary codes located on your medical or pharmaceutical packages, devices, or on the equipment themselves. Give customers the ability to watch video tutorials or product demo’s on their own mobile devices, and on their own time by scanning a Clinical Reference Code™. Also, requesting a demo, an in-service, a webinar, or requesting product or pharmaceutical samples has never been easier.

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Scan for Clinical Instructions

Proper care and use of a medical product directly affects patient outcomes. Using one of our mobile apps, patients now have the ability to scan a Clinical Reference Code™ located on medical packaging or directly on the product itself.  When scanned, this code gives back care and use instructions, video tutorials, or other patient education materials simply by using your mobile device. Clinicate scan is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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