Secure, HIPAA Compliant Storage

Clinicate allows you to easily store and organize all of the clinical materials shared to you electronically by your Healthcare Provider. Health instructions, a medication guide, patient care pamphlets, insurance documents, lab results, prescription drug information and instructions, images, videos, you name it – and organize them into keyword searchable files, folders, and subfolders. The best part is that all of your information is securely shared under HIPAA compliance and accessible anywhere using your computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android devices. Be informed and start educating yourself on your treatments and conditions. Ask your provider today if they communicate using Clinicate.

Search our vast database filled with information related to medical products and pharmaceuticals used in the treatment of medical conditions related to patient care. Find a drugs medication guide, important safety information, potential drug interactions, a products instruction for use, indication for use, or even contraindications. Our database will help educate you on the products and drugs being used in the treatment of your medical conditions.

Educate and Share

Easily share information related to your medical treatments and conditions with other healthcare providers, with family members, or with caregivers in just a few simple clicks. Whether it is specific health instructions or information related to patient care, sharing is as easy as entering an email address or selecting a recipient from your list of contacts. With Clinicate, sharing files has never been easier and now sharing medical information can be done using a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud platform.

Better Education = Better Results

Take an active role in your own health care and educate yourself on the products or drugs used to treat your conditions. Search for educational materials shared to you by your healthcare provider or search for educational materials in our product and drug database. Find important safety information, health instructions, a drug interactions or medication guide, or other important information related to patient care. It’s as easy as searching our product database at the top of this page.

View Content on iOS and Android

Take your information with you and access your files on the go. In your doctors office, at the hospital, while you receive treatments, in your home, or even on vacation. Our secure file sharing platform can be accessed using your computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android devices. With Clinicate, there are no limitations of how and when you access or share your information.

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