Healthcare Providers

Secure, HIPAA Compliant Storage

Clinicate allows you to easily upload all clinical materials – journal articles, medical instructions, hospital education materials, images, videos, notes, reports, PHI, you name it – and organize them into keyword searchable files, folders, and subfolders. The best part is that all of your documents, images, and videos can also be shared under HIPAA compliance and accessed anywhere using your computer, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android device.  Sign up today for a free account with 100MB of storage included.

Clinical Education – On Demand

Scanning a Clinical Reference Code™ is the new way to self educate and communicate. Check drug interactions, medical instructions, contraindications, video tutorials, and more by scanning the product directly or searching our product database. Contacting company representatives, requesting a demo, requesting product samples, and connecting with manufacturers via facetime, google hangouts, or skype are also just a scan away. Download the Clinicate app to start scanning today!

Educate, Collaborate and Share

Easily upload and share files with another healthcare provider, with entire groups of colleagues, or a patient with a few simple clicks. Education, collaboration, engagement, and compliance has never been easy to navigate in a HIPAA/HITECH environment, but Clinicate makes it simple to share your knowledge and medical instructions with those who need it the most. We do this by providing you with a platform that not only protects your data, but allows you to share your sensitive materials securely and in compliance.  Sign up for a free account today!

Take Pictures & Videos

Get those images off of your phone and into something that is HIPAA compliant and easy to use.  Taking pictures and videos on your mobile device and storing them in a HIPAA compliant repository on Clinicate is fast and easy. Take any image or video and store them in your “my documents” for personal reference or upload them into “group documents” to share and collaborate with others.  Sign up for a free account today to see how our platform can help you collaborate and share clinical information.

View Content on iOS and Android Devices

Take your content with you and access your files on the go. In your office, at the hospital, while you are seeing your patients, in your home, or even on vacation. Our HIPAA compliant file sharing platform can be accessed using your computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android devices. With Clinicate, there are no limitations of how and when you access and share your information.


Keep Patients Engaged

Educate patients on their conditions and treatments while giving yourself a HIPAA compliant platform to share any type of file with them. Upload educational pamphlets, lab reports, medical instructions, insurance documents, receipts, or information on specific drug interactions. Basically any file, image, or video that can be received, scanned, or uploaded can be stored and securely shared with your patients.

Staff Communication and Collaboration

Upload protocols, schedules, policies and procedures, hospital education materials, internal memos, images, videos, or medical instructions, and they are all automatically synced within your groups account folders. Upload it once and group members receive an immediate notification of the changes to their folders. No multiple emails to have to send out and no reminders to worry about. Users can share and collaborate as a group, and every team member stays on the same page. Save time and money with Clinicate Connect.

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