Healthcare Companies

Virtually Eliminate the Traditional IFU

Per the Medical Device User Fee and Modernization Act (MDUFMA),  the FDA labeling of prescription devices intended for use by a healthcare professional may be made available solely by electronic means.  Clinicate Scan allows Healthcare companies to take advantage of this guidance, and provides companies with the ability to completely eliminate the need for the mass production of paper instructions for use.  Include a products ifu, contraindication, prescribing information, medication guide, important safety information, and more, all embedded within our Clinical Reference Code™ or in our searchable product database.  A significant reduction in the need for a paper ifu means huge cost savings for healthcare manufacturers.  Request a demo today to learn how Clinicate Scan can help your company start saving and how you can utilize these codes versus a traditional ifu at no charge!

Educate, Collaborate, and Share

Easily upload and share files with doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians, techs, therapists, with a co-worker, entire groups of co-workers, you name it – with just a few simple clicks. Share clinical information related to your products and help clinically educate your customers and their patients.  Sharing is as simple as entering an email address or selecting a recipient from your list of contacts.  With Clinicate, sharing files has never been easier and now it can all be done using a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud platform.


Connect Across Multiple PlatformsConnect Across Multiple Platforms

Sign up for a group Connect account today and team members will have the ability to upload files and sync folders across all users.  Now, marketing and sales can be on the same page since group members immediately receive a notification of changes made to their group folders.  Use Clinicate to get the most up to date information into the field and the best thing is that our system is accessible on all of your mobile devices.  Computers, iPads, iPad Mini’s, iPhones, iPod Touches, Android Tablets, and Android Phones are all supported on our network.  You choose the device and we are there to help you communicate with team members and connect with your customers!

Increase Productivity – Increase Sales

Work more efficiently and smarter with Clinicate.  Utilizing our Clinical Reference Code™, companies have the ability to connect their customers with the right representatives, right away.  Allow customers to contact field representatives or in-house staff by phone, email, text, facetime, google hangouts, and skype by scanning our proprietary codes located on your medical or pharmaceutical packages, devices, or on the equipment themselves.  Give customers the ability search a products ifu, indication, contraindication, important safety information, or to watch video tutorials or product demo’s on their own mobile devices and on their own time.  Also, requesting a demo, an in-service, a webinar, or requesting product or pharmaceutical samples has never been easier.  You worked hard to obtain your customers business, use Clinicate to help retain these customers and increase sales.

View Content on iOS & Android Devices

Take your content with you and access your files on the go.  In your car, at the hotel, in a hospital, while calling on customers, from a sales meeting, in your home office, or even from your couch.  Our HIPAA compliant file sharing platform can be accessed using your computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android Phone or Android Tablet.  With Clinicate, there are no limitations of how and when you access and share your information.  Download one of our iOS or Android apps today.

Upload Your Files – View Anywhere

Uploading files to Clinicate is fast and easy.  Whether it’s your products’ FDA labeling, ifu, indication, contraindication, medication guide, prescribing information, or important safety information, our system is designed to upload any of your files and display them correctly on your device of choice.  Sign up today for a demo to learn more about what our platform can do for your business.

Better Educated Customers = Better Outcomes

Healthcare companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year teaching customers how to effectively use their products.  Unfortunately, not every end user can be reached and not everyone can be effectively in-serviced.  Clinicate gives companies the ability to reach all of these end users and deliver a unified marketing message even when a representative is not available.  By utilizing the Clinicate platform, Healthcare Providers now have the ability to self educate and pass along their acquired knowledge to their colleagues and patients.  Finally, a system to bridge the clinical education gap between companies, providers, and patients.

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