Engage With Patients or Colleagues

Clinicate Connect was designed for Healthcare Providers to collaborate and share files over a secure, HIPAA compliant network. Use our clinical communication tool to connect with other Healthcare Providers or your patients. Sharing using Clinicate Connect is as easy as entering an email address or selecting a recipient from your list of contacts. Share single files or an entire folder in a few easy steps. Using Clinicate Connect for groups, you can upload protocols, educational materials, internal memos, schedules, or policies and procedures, you name it – and they are all automatically synced within your groups account folders. Upload it once and group members receive an immediate notification of the changes to their folders. With Clinicate Connect for groups, users can collaborate and make changes to documents and every team member stays on the same page. Also use Clinicate Connect to engage with patients and keep open the lines of clinical communication. Send patients information regarding the products or drugs used in their treatment such as safety information, care and use instructions, indications, contra indications, and more. Enhance your clinical communication with Clinicate Connect.

Clinical Communication, Made Easy

Clinicate makes clinical communication easier for companies wanting to improve their communication internally with company representatives or externally with customers. Clinicate connect allows companies to upload internal documents meant to be shared only with company representatives. Similar to a shared drive but it is accessible on the web, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone or Android Tablet. Clinicate connect also changes the way your company communicates externally with Healthcare Providers. Rather than leave behind literature or other documents to be ignored or thrown away, share files and documents with customers through our HIPAA compliant platform. Think of it as a digital leave behind. You meet with a Healthcare Provider and instead of giving them literature or sending them an attachment in a follow up email, you share that attachment through Clinicate. Your attachment and email does not get lost in the shuffle and your customer gets a HIPAA compliant portal to store, share, and reference clinical documents related to your products and the other products that they come in contact with on a daily basis. Sign up for a demo today to see how Clinicate can improve your clinical communication with your staff and customers and how to start creating your own digital leave behind.

Communicate, Educate, Connect

Clinicate Connect for Patients is a clinical communication tool designed to promote medical education and awareness about the products and drugs used to treat your conditions. Easily find and share information related to your medical treatments and conditions with other healthcare providers, with family members, or with your caregivers. Use Connect to find and share important safety information, health instructions, drug interactions, contra indications or other important information related to patient care. Sharing this information through our secure, HIPAA compliant network is fast and easy. Use your computer, or any mobile device including an iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone, or Android Tablet to access your information. Clinicate also helps your organize all of your important medical documents that were shared to your by your Healthcare Providers, and keeps them in organized folders in your Clinicate account broken down by each Healthcare Provider. Finding and sharing this information has never been easier. Sign up today for a completely free account and ask your Healthcare Provider if they use Clinicate to communicate with their patients.

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