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Founded in 2012, Clinicate™ is comprised of healthcare industry experts and consultants focused on improving healthcare communication between companies, providers, and patients. Our m-health applications are designed to promote clinical education and awareness, with the common goal of improving patient care.
NOBICLocated in New Orleans, LA, Clinicate™ is as unique as the city in which it resides.

Our first of its kind Clinical Reference Code™ is changing the way healthcare providers access clinical information. Whether it is a medical device’s instructions for use, or a drug’s important safety information, on demand clinical information has never been easier to access and share. From the companies that manufacture medical products and pharmaceuticals, to the providers who use these products in patient care settings, to the patients themselves who are the recipients of the many years of study, research, and technology innovation, Clinicate’s m-health applications lead the way in healthcare communication and collaboration.

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